Credits and Attribution

Off on a Tangent incorporates or uses the third-party software, libraries, components, fonts, icons, images, and tools listed on this page. I am indebted to the authors and contributors who created them.

If you believe that appropriate attribution has not been made here or elsewhere on the site, or if you have questions about compliance with license terms, please contact me.


  • Tangent Plugin
    WordPress integration and advanced features for Off on a Tangent
    Copyright © 1995-2024, Scott Bradford CE (All Rights Reserved)
  • Tangent Theme
    WordPress theme, including design and layout, for Off on a Tangent
    Copyright © 1995-2024, Scott Bradford CE (All Rights Reserved)


  • Bootstrap
    Front-end design framework and toolkit
    Copyright © 2011-2024, Bootstrap Authors (License: MIT)
  • Bootstrap Icons
    Icons and utility images
    Copyright © 2019-2024, Bootstrap Authors (License: MIT)
  • jQuery
    JavaScript utility library
    Copyright © 2006-2024, OpenJS Foundation & contributors (License: MIT)
  • js-cookie
    Cookie management library
    Copyright © 2018-2024, Klaus Hartl, Fagner Brack, & contributors (License: MIT)
  • js-dos
    Special compatibility system
    Copyright 2019-2024, Alexander Guryanov & contributors (License: GNU GPL 2.0)
  • jsVectorMap
    Mapping system with U.S. and world maps
    Copyright © 2020-2024, Mustafa Omar (License: MIT)
  • Lightbox2
    Lightbox and gallery framework
    Copyright © 2015, Lokesh Dhakar (License: MIT)
  • MaxMind GeoLite2
    Geolocation database
    Copyright © 2024, MaxMind Inc. (License: GeoLite2 EULA)
  • Mousetrap
    Keyboard shortcut framework
    Copyright © 2012-2020, Craig Campbell (License: Apache 2.0)
  • PHP MoonPhase
    Moon phase calculations
    Copyright © 2012-2024, Samir Shah, Tobias Köngeter, & contributors (License: MIT)
  • Popper
    Tooltip and popover positioning library
    Copyright © 2019-2024, Federico Zivolo (License: MIT)


  • Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic, Adam Twardoch, and Botio Nikoltchev
    Primary font
    Copyright © 2010-2018, Łukasz Dziedzic (License: SIL OFL 1.1)
  • Nunito Sans by Vernon Adams, Jacques Le Bailly, Manvel Shmavonyan, and Alexei Vanyashin
    Secondary font
    Copyright © 2016, Nunito Project Authors (License: SIL OFL 1.1)



Optimization Tools

  • CSS Optimizer (CSSO)
    CSS optimizer and minifier
    Copyright © 2011-2015, Sergey Kryzhanovsky
    Copyright © 2015-2021, Roman Dvornov (License: MIT)
  • OptiPNG
    PNG optimizer and compressor
    Copyright © 2001-2017, Cosmin Truta & contributors (License: Zlib)
  • UglifyJS
    JavaScript optimizer and minifier
    Copyright © 2012-2022, Mihai Bazon & contributors (License: BSD 2-clause)

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