Star Trek: Generations – Soran Wants to Go Back

Doctor Tolian Soran had a very interesting experience in the Nexus.

Like Guinan said: “It was like being inside joy. As if joy was something tangible and you could wrap yourself up in it like a blanket. . . .”

April Fools: Dial-Up on a Tangent

For April Fools Day 2024, Off on a Tangent required a dial-up Internet connection. This is the explanation:

I have made the difficult decision to establish a new requirement: All visitors to Off on a Tangent must access the site using dial-up Internet services.

This will help ensure the security and independence of the site, and protect visitors from the prying eyes of the major high-speed Internet companies. If you attempt to connect to Off on a Tangent using non-dial-up Internet services, including mobile and home high-speed services, you will need to initiate a more secure dial-up connection.

Thank you for your understanding.

I had a whole dial-up sequence and everything. Check it out here.

Star Trek: Khan – Opening Credits

I was wondering what would happen if you took the optimistic, power-ballad opening credits of “Star Trek: Enterprise” and paired them with . . . Khan.

Now I know.

Trump and Indictment Text

The third of former President Donald Trump’s (R) indictments was issued by a federal grand jury on August 1, 2023. The four-count indictment was released to the public the same day. Trump appeared at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on August 3 where he pleaded “not guilty.”

Prosecutors allege that Trump engaged in three separate criminal conspiracies to subvert the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election: One allegedly intended to defraud the United States and impede the lawful functions of the federal government (count 1), another to impede Congress’s counting of presidential electors on January 6, 2023 (count 2), and a third to impede citizens’ rights to vote and have their votes counted (count 4).

In connection with the second alleged conspiracy, prosecutors also accuse Trump of putting the plan into action by attempting to impede Congress’s counting of presidential electors on January 6, 2023 (count 3).

This article is based on the information that is publicly available at the time of its writing. It may need to be revised if new information becomes available. Any substantial changes will be described in the “Updates” section near the end of this post.

Two cars from the 2023 list have gone off to the great junkyard in the sky: the number-nine rated Jeep Renegade and the number-ten rated Chevrolet Bolt. That left room for two new additions, which both make their debuts at even higher (lower?) positions: the ‘facelifted’ Kia Sorento and the redesigned Hyundai Santa Fe. The rest of the list remains pretty stable.

Like I said last year, there are fewer ugly cars on the market now than there used to be. Some cars toward the lower-end of the list are tolerable. But those two new additions are really bad. I think the tide is turning back to ugly, which will make it easier to build this list in the future.

To qualify for this list, a car must be sold in volume to the general public in the United States. Volume is defined subjectively based on my observations (in other words, if I see them on the roads, they qualify; if I don’t, they don’t). Vehicles are excluded if they are not sold new in North America, sell in very low volume, or are sold only for exotic, military, commercial, or other special purposes.

Following are the ten ugliest cars of the 2024 model year according to me. If you own one of the cars on this list, well, sorry. I still love you. But I wouldn’t let you pick out a car for me!

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