Jim Gilmore

It’s Jim Gilmore!

Jim Gilmore

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore (R) ran for President of the United States in 2016. I thought that was funny.

Gilmore won his 1997 gubernatorial race by promising to get rid of Virginia’s car tax. That’s the one thing we asked him to do. He didn’t do it. I’m still paying that idiotic, useless tax every year, and I curse the name “Gilmore” each time I do. Other than that he was an okay governor, I guess.

His presidential campaign did not make any sense, and he generally polled well below 1%, but he lasted longer than most of the other bottom-tier candidates. Later in the campaign season, I amused myself by imagining absurd scenarios that would put Gilmore in the White House.

What if the Gilmore campaign never ended?

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